Tourism Brand

Tourism brand achieves 25% boost in awareness with Intent Connect’s self optimising segments.

The Challenge

In late 2023 and early 2024, a large tourism brand wanted to build awareness and establish itself as a premier adventure travel choice for high income earners.

The Strategy & Solution

News Australia devised and implemented a campaign using its audience intelligence platform, Intent Connect to empower the tourism brand to reach hard to find target intenders at scale across relevant and premium contexts.

Leveraging Intent Connect’s diverse range of tourism and travel related audiences, as well as its ability to target specific income groups, advanced targeting capabilities were employed to ensure the campaign reached the right audiences to convert. This strategy was coupled with Intent Connect’s self optimising segments, enabling targeting optimisation in real-time as the campaign progressed, furthering the ability to achieve campaign objectives.

The Results

This comprehensive strategy resulted in significant uplift across the full brand funnel, including an uplift of 25% in aided brand awareness, a 10% uplift in brand favorability and a 9% uplift in purchase consideration compared with other News Australia travel content.

In particular, the self optimising segments used in the campaign drove a significant 114% increase in ScrollX MedRec Roadblock click through rates on mobile, as well as a 45% increase in TruSkins MedRec Roadblock click through rates compared to Intent Connect’s standard audience targeting segments. The total average click through rate increase recorded was 46%.

*Campaign Analytics – Intent Connect, – GAM March 2024; Kantar, January 2024