Telecommunications Brand

Telecommunications brand uses Intent Connect’s BuyNow segments to drive awareness during Black Friday.

The Challenge

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday period has become one of the biggest annual sales events, presenting brands with tremendous opportunity to drive conversions, as well as the challenge of reaching their desired audience amidst the noise of their competitors. 

In 2023, a telecommunications brand sought to take advantage of the opportunities this event brings and boost awareness levels amongst relevant high intent audiences to drive consumers through the funnel.

The Strategy & Solution

In response, Intent Connect’s powerful BuyNow segments were employed. These segments use machine learning to pinpoint consumers on the verge of making a purchase and target ads towards them with laser precision, engaging and converting their intent and seamlessly closing the consumer purchase loop.

This strategy was combined with Vudoo’s innovative interactive shoppable video technology to ensure consumers reached by the ad were able to convert their intent in as little clicks as possible, shrinking the funnel and driving conversions. 

The Results

The campaign delivered strong uplift on its objective of boosting awareness. In particular, the added value from BuyNow segments drove a 0.24% higher increase in interaction rates against regular Intent Connect segments, achieving an average interaction rate of 1.07%. 

The average click through rate of 0.66% to the brand’s site pages was also above the News Australia average video click through rates of 0.48% for horizontal video and 0.63% for vertical video.

The campaign also achieved an average desktop video completion rate of 76%, an uplift of 9.05%, compared with News Australia’s benchmark of 67%. 

*News Australia, November 2023; News Australia, April 2024