Cosmetics Brand

Cosmetics brand campaign outperforms category benchmarks with advanced precision targeting. 

The Challenge

In October 2023, a cosmetics brand wanted to run a campaign on a new product to drive engagement at scale, lifting awareness and consideration.

The goal was to reach target consumers when they were in the right frame of mind to make a purchase to increase sales volume of the product in its launch phase. 

The Strategy & Solution

In response, News Australia developed a multi-layered campaign, powered by its audience intelligence platform, Intent Connect, and executed via eCommerce, shoppable and total content products, with additional social amplification to drive awareness and consideration at every stage.

This strategic combination ensured the campaign reached beauty intenders and empowered them to make a purchase directly from the point of inspiration, shrinking the consumer funnel and boosting conversion rates.

To understand the true impact of the campaign across all sites, formats and devices, News Australia also ran Brand Metrics’ and Vudoo video analytics studies.

The Results

The campaign achieved significant results, outperforming the cosmetic category benchmarks across the full funnel. 

Average dwell time for the campaign was 4 minutes and 35 seconds, greatly above the standard editorial benchmark of 2 minutes and 30 seconds, demonstrating the impact of reaching relevant target audiences. 

Brand metric improvements included a 6.6% uplift in brand awareness, 4% above the cosmetic category benchmark, as well as a 4% uplift in brand consideration, 2% above the cosmetic category benchmark. Purchase intent also rose by 3%, driving 7,641 clicks to shop. 88 adds to cart, 73 checkout starts and 26 sales.

*Brand Metrics, November 2023