Data Security

Name, Email Address and Password

When you sign up to the Intent Connect dashboard for the first time, you will be asked for your name, email address and password which will be encrypted and secured using a secure framework. Your email address is used as your account username for logging on and for the purpose of sending you important information about Intent Connect.

Data Upload and Customer Matching

Customer Matching with Intent Connect allows you to instruct the platform to match your de-identified data with de-identified user data of News Australia and/or one or more of its third party service providers to generate Matched Audiences. These Matched Audiences can then be used to engage your existing customers with tailored ads, Create Lookalike audiences to reach new customers similar to your best ones, or even suppress ads from shown to specific customer segments.

In order to facilitate and use Customer Matching, you can utilise either:

1. Customer match using Data Management Platform

If you choose to use our ‘customer match’ function via Data Management Platform, you will need to tell us the type of DMP and the DMP ID. We will get in touch with you to walk you through the process. You will only share your de-identified audience via a secure connection from your DMP to our DMP instance. The matching process is done by Adobe Audience Manager DMP in their ecosystem based on anonymised DMP ID. DMPs have controls and processes to ensure no PII is shared or allowing data to be mapped back to PII.

The match results will be extracted to generate a Custom audience, together with certain insights about that Custom audience, which will then be made available for you to view, on an anonymised basis, on Your Dashboard.

2. Customer match using Pixel

If you choose to use our ‘customer match’ function via Pixel, News provides a snippet of 1×1 image code onto their website for the purpose of in-browser data tracking. This data may contain web browsing data and/or anonymised demographic audience data. Data generated from the firing of pixels on your site is collected in our Data Management Platform. Personally Identifiable Information is never collected in this process. News then analyses this data collected and performs a match against hashed News Data, and generates customer audience, conducts analytics and create insights, as per the Customer Match functionality.

3. Customer match using Comma Separated File

If you choose our ‘customer match’ function using Comma Separated File, you will need to upload a CSV (Comma separated file) that has your customer list. This list will be hashed locally on your browser and will then be encrypted before being sent to us. Your hashed list is only used to match against our existing list of users’ hashed email addresses or mobile phone numbers. At no point are we able to use the information you upload in this process to personally identify individuals. We won’t share your hashed CSV files with anybody other than the team that creates your customer matches and third parties that assist us in providing these services to you.

We will store your hashed file for 90 days. After this time the source file is deleted. Your customer matched audience will also be deleted from the Intent Connect portal after 180 days of inactivity.

4. Customer match using API

If you choose our ‘customer match’ function using API, you will need to provide your existing de-identified audiences on your data management platform to our data management platform provider utilising our API service (“API Upload”). This option is only available to certain advertisers.

As an advertiser, you will need to go to Intent Connect to create my Matched Audience and select new API flow and click on generate API key/secret for your user ID, then you will need to select the contacts to be uploaded from your CRM, hash them and upload as the payload for the upload API. You will be able to add and remove records from the file and your customer match segments refreshed.

5. Customer match using Data Clean Room

You can use a data clean room if you have an agreement with a data clean room service provider with whom we also have an agreement. When using this option, you will need to upload to the data clean room service provider (in accordance with your agreement with the data clean room service provider) your individual-level digital user hashed data which you wish to use to create the Matched Audience. This option is only available to certain advertisers who are pre-approved by us, whose audience data contains a minimum of 10,000 records and who satisfy any other requirements we have (which may vary from time to time).

If you are using a data clean room then the data clean room service provider will then perform matching between Your Hashed Data and News Hashed Data.

6. Customer match using Adobe

If you are an Adobe Experience Platform customer, we will share a Partner ID with you via Adobe AEP. You must use the Partner ID to send a request to us to instigate a match. The request can be for 1 or more segments which you pre-define. News may, in its absolute discretion, accept or decline each segment request. If we accept the match request, you will be able to request which of the available anonymised criteria are used to conduct the match. Adobe will then perform the match and you will be able to see the match rate.

You can then choose which segment(s) you would like us to activate for your campaign and we can determine, in its absolute discretion, whether it will accept the segment(s) for use in your campaign. Adobe creates the Matched Audience.


After the customer matching process by any choosing any of the above methods is complete, the match results will be extracted to generate a Matched Audience, together with certain insights about that Matched Audience, which will then be made available for you to view, on an anonymised basis, on Your Intent Connect Dashboard. These matches are encrypted and stored in our cloud infrastructure.

We use various measures to protect your data files from unauthorised access including implementing employee access restrictions, systems security protections, security at our premises and contractual protections with relevant third parties. Your account manager will have read only access to your account but will not be able to make any edits to it. They also will not be able to see any of the data files that you have uploaded to create customer matches.

We will never share your data files or matched audience with other advertisers. Unless otherwise agreed with you, we will not share your data files or matched audience with any third party, other than the ones necessary for the services being provided to you; however we will comply with any legal requirement to disclose information. We will not use the data you provide to us to build or enhance our own profiles about any user, and we will not compare the profiles of your customers with any other customer lists.

Unless you are using a data clean room for the purpose of matching, delete Your Hashed Data approximately 90 days after it has been uploaded to the Platform, and in any case we will delete your Matched Audiences after your Service account has been inactive for a continuous period of 180 days (which can happen if you do not either book an Advertisement using your Service account or update Your Hashed Data (if Your Hashed Data has been uploaded to News) in that time). You may request to delete Your Hashed Data, Tag Data or your Matched Audiences from the Platform at any time. If you used a data clean room then you may need to make those requests of the data clean room provider. Where you use the Adobe Experience Platform to create the Matched Audience, you are responsible for agreeing terms of Adobe’s use of your data and Your Hashed Data and we have no responsibility or liability in this regard except in relation to the Matched Audience data used by us for the fulfilment of any advertising campaign which you book through the Platform.