D_Coded 2023: News Corp Lifts The Lid On Total Commerce Offering

News Corp Australia has unveiled its Total Commerce offering where media, technology and commerce converge into a single consumer experience.

Managing Director, Client Product, Pippa Leary, said: “Our absolutely best-in-class technology will allow clients to transact directly from across our digital network through video, text, and images.

“Powered by our commercial data capability, brands can now match passive and active audiences with shoppable experiences to deliver superior outcomes across our sites. This really is the next level.”

Managing Director, National Sales, Lou Barrett said the company was well positioned with its audience insights, content and technology to offer Total Commerce solutions.

“The emergence of commerce media and its capacity to create measurable outcomes puts News Corp Australia in pole position to provide market-leading client solutions from the top to the bottom of the funnel and every stage of the purchase journey in between,” said Barrett.